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 e-Biometric identity “360°”

For a world of trust:
A unique identity, multiple uses
to secure your processes at “360°” and
protect yourself from fraud.

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“360°” biometric digital identity system

Based on a digital identityreinforced, the biometric system aims to authenticate a beneficiary thus giving them access to the services to which they are entitled. The controls carried out significantly reduce expenses linked to fraud, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the systems.  


Aquality enlistment guarantees the integrity of the beneficiaries database and the uniqueness of the digital identity. It is based on 3 criteria:

  • management rules in the collected data,

  • supporting documents

  • biometric data.

In case of doubts about the supporting documents, aAFIScan be added to ensure the uniqueness of digital identity.

Authentication,unalterable and incorruptible proof, allows you to access your rights in an indisputable manner.

Build trust !

Digital identity

A digital identity is made up of digital elements, such as identifiers (unique numbers) and identification data, intended to represent a person in the digital world, similar to a person's identity in the physical world. This collected text data or demographic data includes civil status type data (last name, first name, etc.) called demographic data, supplemented by business data, specific to the needs of the service to be delivered. Supporting documents are also requested.

This digital identity can also include biometric data to facilitate authentication, the gateway to expected services. 

Creating an e-id and authentication

An enrollment station collects demographic and biometric data. 

This data is transferred to a back office with a central database for management. The validation of this identity and the opening of rights can be carried out if necessary by interfacing with a business application (health, retirement, education, etc.).

Adding a AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) or an ABIS (automated biometric identification system) makes it possible to identify  people and participates in the management of duplicates of people.

The system also makes it possible to issue a smart card (chip card or smartcard) and update it according to the chosen configuration. 

The authentication of the beneficiary allows access to the service to which he is entitled. 

The system fights against identity theft fraud, thus guaranteeing financial balance to sustain the services offered.

Solution architecture

Common base for several applications, base dedicated to each use, cloud or on premise, interfacing(s) with existing applications, everything is possible! Just define them.

The target architecture of the solution must be decided upstream of the project during the project scoping phase.  

Demographic data, interfaces with business applications are also defined. IT security and the protection of personal data are also taken into account. 

The solution must be modular and scalable: needs and technology change quickly.

Application areas of authentication

Biometric authentication or a method of verifying a person's identity based on unique physiological characteristics, through its practicality and reliability, is increasingly used to ensure security and protect against identity theft fraud. identify. For example :

  • Presence check : The quality of theeducation provided requires the presence of the teacher at his/her post, the control of the student in the exam enhances the diploma obtained

  • Access control : Some areas or buildings needto secure their access

  • Accreditation service invoiceshealth: only invoices from beneficiaries with open rights will be paid

  • Life check : residents must be alive to receive theirpension.



let's integrate into your ecosystem

Our modular solutions fit into your context and are adapted to your needs:

  • We pay attention to the ergonomics of our equipment: the height of the hand position is studied for easier deployment of peripherals and their storage. 

  • Designed, assembled and tested in our premises in Orléans, our equipment is robust and adapted to the context of Sub-Saharan Africa. They can be used in difficult terrain. Energy management is also taken into account.

  •  The ergonomics of our applications and workflows are optimized to facilitate the work of agents and ensure the quality of data entry.

  • Scalable and customizable, our solutions are innovative and integrate the latest technologies. Data security is reinforced, Personal data is protected.

  • We provide advice, knowledge transfer and maintenance throughout the life of the program.

Biometric kits

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