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Solar energy kit

Combining electrical autonomy and power, our autonomous solar energy kits provide anywhere the energy necessary for the proper functioning of electrical devices during outdoor missions.

Portable solar battery

Very suitable for the enlistment campaign, nOur 500 Wh portable solar battery includes:

  • A lithium battery suitcase: a concentrate of energy in a light, resistant and robust suitcase to carry out your enlistment campaigns in complete autonomy. The suitcase is waterproof (can withstand light rain).

  • A foldable solar panel.

Its capacity of 500Wh corresponds to 7 hours of use in perfect autonomy of oneenlistment station in a camera/fingerprint reader, signature scanner type configuration.

When the energy case is connected to the 100W solar panel when used with average sunshine, it is possible to go for 3 days (3 days of 8 hours) in perfect autonomy without external energy.


The energy case can also be recharged from the mains in 5 hours or by the solar panel in 1.5 days with sunshine provided you do not connect anything to it.


Possibility of connecting several battery cases to increase capacity.

In addition:

We can adapt the portable solar battery to your energy consumption.

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